Art & Design in Our Lives

The project is aimed to learn, develop and  improve participants’ professional and transferable skills and competencies.

The secondary schools from Portugal, Macedonia, Turkey and the Czech Republic will cooperate in creating, designing and manufacturing different kinds of products from textile, porcelain, photography and graphic

About two hundred of participants will be involved in the project, most consisting of students and their teachers who will plan, implement, produce, assess and disseminate  activities and outcomes gained in the project

The activities in the project includes various kinds of work. On one hand, the participants will use IT tools (blog, website, products’ library) for communication, work and presentation results of their work using English as Lingua Franca, on the other hand they will design, discuss different components of the procedure and finally manufacture own outcomes in national and international teams. They will learn how to cooperate, communicate, suggest solutions or defend own ideas and imaginations in order to produce outcomes usable for their professional lives

  • 1.9. 2015 – 31.8.2017
  • Budget:  62 325 EUR

Information about the project on EU websites