Karlovy Vary February 2022

In February 2022, a second workshop focused on the modification of textiles and the adjustment of their structure took place.

On Monday, all participants gathered at the school and, welcomed by the school principal, toured the building and individual classrooms together. After the tour of the school, they were tasked with designing a simple piece of jewelry or an accessory in the 3D Rhino program with the help of our students. First, they prepared sketches and then, with the active help of ceramic and glass design students, converted them into a computer program for 3D printing. During the week, their designs were printed and they could take them home on Friday.

On Tuesday we went on a day trip to Prague. We had a tour of Prague booked for the morning with a guide in English, which everyone liked very much. After lunch we went to the Museum of Arts and Crafts for an exhibition about blueprints. In addition to the exhibited models from Czech and Japanese creators, we watched videos about the dyeing process in the Czech Republic and Japan. In addition to this exhibition, we also visited the Pleiades of Glass exhibition and other spaces of the UMP. In the final evaluation, the excursion to Prague was rated the best.

On Wednesday, the students learned turkey felting. The aim of their work was to try and learn wet wool felting and to create pieces of textile suitable for subsequent decoration. After lunch, we went on a tour of the Christmas House in Karlovy Vary, which was the least appreciated of all the activities included in the program.

On Thursday, all participants received simple bags, which they had to decorate with felt pieces and complete with other applications. They were helped by the students of clothing design, especially when working with the sewing machine, because some foreign participants do not learn to work with them. In addition, some have tried working with a hot air gun, which uses hot air to modify the surface of the acetate textile. After lunch, we prepared for the visitors a fashion show of clothes created by school pupils.

On Friday, the students received their 3D printed jewelry and accessories, they could repeat the work with the hot air gun again. The school principal said goodbye to them and gave them their certificates.

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