Formation of the natural forms (pumpkins) – Riga

From September 30 till October 4 the modeling workshop was held at the partner school in Riga. It was inspired by the natural and variously shaped pumpkins, which served as models for their own work.

On Monday participants modeled pumpkins using gypsum molds at school. Unlike normal work, these molds were not filled by pouring but with the special modeling clay. The mass in the mold was dried and the models removed on Thursday. The edges cleaned, half glazed and fired in the kiln. The products were taken home by the participants.

On Tuesday the task was to produce an enlarged clay model of pumpkin in a ratio of 1.5: 1 relative to the model. This clay model served as the base of the teapot. By means of cuts and further modeling, the clay gourd was cut into pieces and subsequently glued to form a teapot. These models stayed at school.

The host school organized the excursion to traditional ceramic  places on Wednesday. Participants visited a pottery workshop with smoked ceramics, Rundāle Palace and the Pottery Museum. In addition, they had the opportunity to see the Riga Porcelain Museum, where the closing ceremony was held and the museum of famous Latvian porcelain designers Romans Suta and Aleksandr Beļc from the 20th-30th century years of the 20th century.

Work with the gypsum molds.

11 9  Práce s formou Vypálené glazované výrobky z formy

Models for teapots

Dýně a zvětšené modely Práce s formou

Final teapots



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