Teachers´workshop in Karlovy Vary

On October 17-19, 2021, the first workshop organized only for teachers of clothing / textile design took place. wprkshop was divided into theoretical and practical part.

On October 17, we discussed the detailed project calendar together and looked for suitable dates for the following workshops. We focused on the time and cost of each technique, and we also clarified the rules at the time of Covid 19. An important change occurred during the last meeting associated with the opening of the product exhibition and fashion show. Based on the proposal of the Portuguese partner, we decided to change the final exhibition and show to a traveling tour of all partner schools.

On the morning of October 18, the workshop was dedicated to the Portuguese technique of wax batik and painting. In the afternoon, Czech teachers taught colleagues from partner countries the felting of wool.

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On October 19, it was addressed to Latvian colleagues who introduced the Deborah technique. The certificates were handed over in the afternoon and we said goodbye.

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The teachers’ workshop was a great start to begin project work  after a one-year break, when we worked only within our own schools.