Karlovy Vary 2016

Ceramic and fashion design in the Czech Republic (Portugal + Turkey)

October 31 – November 4

The name of the workshop was “Flowers in ceramic and fashion design”. The participants were divided in two groups” ceramic and fashion design.

The Portuguese students decorated porcelain ware under glaze. They brought own sketches and used them for decoration with the cobalt oxide and salts. On Wednesday, they work with glaze semifinished  wares and decorated them with printing. The teacher fired their products they were able to take little souvenirs home. On Thursday they could decorate the wares with any new technigues. On Friday they worked with porcelain clay and made little brooches and little pieces (buttons, ovals) which will be used for clothes.

The Turkish students worked with our fashion design students. They used wool and felted a little decorations for the clothes. They made different brooches and little accessories for clothes using various textile. They painted on the textile and used leather for belts and stripes.

On Tuesday the students were invited for a Halloween party where they carved own pumpkins. The students saw a fashion show prepared by the fashion design department. They visited Moser and Becherovka museum.On Friday the workshop was finished by handing the certificates.

Turkish students

img_0357-2 img_0358-2 img_0382-2  img_9550


Portuguese students

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Fashion show

img_9066    img_9148img_9141img_9203

With the certificates

img_0552img_0547img_0539   img_0531

Guided tour at the school

img_9441 img_9527

In the Factory Moser

img_6035u     img_6017u

Halloween party