Bitola 2016

Graphic and fashion design in Macedonia  (April 10 – 16)

Four students from Portugal and three from Turkey came to the Macedonian school to work with new classmates. The topic was “Black&White in graphic and fashion design”. The students spent  together one week. Fashion design participants  made bags decorated with ribbons and lace.  The graphic students experimented with linocut. Together they visited the city museum and ruins of Heraclea. They went to Vevcani – Shruda – Ohrid.

According to the  evaluation surveys, the participants made lots of new friends, liked workshop activities and social programme. The biggest problem for some of them was communication in English. You can read a detailed program: Report of the ADOL Macedonia Mobility, april 2016 Final

Fashion design students

Video and photos from the graphic design:

 Social program + certificates + free time