Webpage: http://sinopktml.meb.k12.tr/tema/


Our school was opened in the 1944-1945 academic year as the Provincial Public Library on the lower floor of the ‘ Evening Girls Art School ‘ with the  tailoring and designing clothes branches. It continued teaching and training students as the Girls Art School and then the Institute for Girls. In 1978 it moved to the  current building and since then it has been  continuing its academic activities in the same building. Also there is a kindergarten in our school. There are 43 teachers and 340 students .It is located in the center of Sinop which is on the northern coast of the Black Sea,Turkey.

Our school has 4 departments:

  • 1.child development and education ,
  • 2.ICT,
  • 3.Technology of manufacturing clothes
  • 4.and food and beverage production and service.

Our mission is to contribute students to be confident and talented ,to gain positive behaviour and  establish positive communication skills. Considering the individual abilities, we aim to provide them to be able to catch up the changing technology  ,to get leadership qualities, collaboration and teamwork .Besides the vocational education, we ensure to raise students who can make good communication, use the technology properly and the knowledge and the skills gained in the field ,offer quality services required by the relevant sector, plan to run their own business and have the responsibility of the quality of the products.

Clothing manufacture Technology Area Branch Programs:

  • Designing Women’s Clothing, Designing Men’s Clothing , Designing Children’s Clothing
  • Designing Underwear, Dressmaking,  Leather Clothing , Tailoring for Men , Tailoring for Women