Plate composition in France

4.-9.2. 2019 a workshop was held in the ceramic lyceum in Longchamp

Within 4 days, the participants took part in ceramic workshop; plate modeling, decorating by cutting, extruding and engraving baroque patterns. They drew inspiration from a guided tour, sights in Dijon. Based on the photographs of the architectural elements, they thought and designed patterns for decorating the plates in the wall composition (to be completed in the next phase of the project, per year). They threw on the potter´s wheels which was completely new for students from Portugal and the Czech Republic. They tried to throw plates, cups, bowls etc.

Teachers participated in the translation of the picture dictionary of ceramic terms (English, Czech, French, Portuguese) / materials, procedures, tools, processes, final products. The activities were, if possible, organized in mixed teams to make the most of the communication in English. In addition, French pupils were actively involved as trainers of new techniques for mates from the Czech Republic and Portugal. Most of the participants tried to actively engage in professional and daily conversations in Aj. On Wednesday they picked up some words in French during  French lessons.

Unfortunately, the group from Latvia did not participate because of the financial problems.

NAVRHOVÁNÍ Dijon dílna - talíře Alenky barokní talíř Brigitte a češky

Program in Dijon

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