Wrap me in nature

From 14.-18.10. 2019 the second workshop focused on decoration of spa cups took place at the SUPS in Karlovy Vary. The name of the workshop was “Wrap me in nature” and its aim was to design  the spa cups created in the previous workshop.

The workshop started with a presentation of ceramic decoration departments from the  partner schools. After the official opening, the participants moved to the decoration classroom, where they worked all the time. The workshop was attended by 15 foreign and 6 Czech participants. Our teachers and pupils prepared for each participant 4 cups (2 glazed and 2 after the first firing), which were designed to decorate.

On Monday they concentrated on designing decorations and transferring them to the product using pause paper. On Tuesday they decorated the glazed products and used a combination of hand painting and gold pen drawing to decorate. These products were fired and part of them could be taken home. On Wednesday they decorated under the glaze. In addition to working with cobalt, which is one of the basic techniques of underglaze decoration, they also used salt and drawing with platinum or gold. These products will be fired, glazed and refired by our students and teachers. They will be seen at the final exhibition at the end of the project. In their spare time, the participants tried out the decals and after firing they took them home. On Thursday we went on an excursion to the Museum of Porcelain in Klášterec nad Ohří and the factory for production of dining porcelain Thun. Especially the factory visit was a completely new experience for most participants and they led us through the production of porcelain from kaolin to products packed for dispatch. The excursion was concluded with the SUPS exhibition in the Summer Palace in Ostrov.

On Friday, the workshop was evaluated using questionnaire and the certificate ceremony officially closed the week.

Work in the classroomOnglaze decorationsCertificate ceremony