The products could be divided into two groups

Special kind of outcomes which are not listed in the products are dissemination activities:

TNM meeting in Macedonia

Information about the project in different languages

ADOL Portuguese

ADOL Macedonia in English Adol Macedonia in English 2

Adol Macedonian 1 ADOL Macedonian 2

ADOL Poster EN  ADOL Poster MK

About the project in English and Czech

Erasmus+ Czech for NA

Erasmus+ KA2 English

Erasmus+ for NA Czech

Erasmus+ Czech

Erasmus+ English


Transnational meeting, Newspaper Javnost 2015 Prilog_vesnik Javnost Meeting in Portugal, Newspaper Javnost, 2017 Meeting in Chech R., Newspaper Javnost, 2017 Meeting in Chech R., Newspaper Bitolski vesnik, 2017 Meeting in Chech R., ESP, Newspaper Bitolski vesnik 2017

Examples of evaluation questionnaires

Bitola after workshop

Karlovy Vary – before workshop

Questionnaire June

Turkey after workshop

Questionnaire October