Constructivism in Riga

Last workshop was held in Riga from 8 to 4 April. The opening took place in the official building of the school, where a tour was organized. The school is one of the largest secondary art schools in Latvia, focusing not only on traditional materials such as ceramics, glass, wood, metal but also specializing in graphic design and promotion, digital photography and media, etc. It is well equipped and combines traditional practices with modern means. After the introduction we moved to a building with a ceramic department.

The basis of the workshop was to create a plate in the style of constructivism, which was extended in Latvia at the end of the 1920s – 1930s.

In the preparatory phase, the participants prepared sketches of their own designs and discussed the possibilities of design implementation. We started with the presentation about the constructivism in Russia and famous artists. Typical colous were black, grey and red. Each participants got o plate (25 cm diameter). They all began with sketches and drawings. They worked with printings. It means after sketches they frew them on the plates and worked with the printers. It is necessary to cut the pieces in different colors, arranged them on the plate. The cut pieces were carefully watered and put on the plate. They must not covered. It needs patience and a careful work. The work on the plates was in the mornings and in the afternoons they visited differen museums and galleries to find more inspiration.

They visited:

Sutas un Belzovas muzejs – one of the most famous constructivism artist for porcelain factories in Riga
Mākslas muzejs RĪGAS BIRZA
National Gallery
Museum of Design and Art etc.
On Wednesday, they went on a day trip to smoked pottery workshops  where we had a chance to know the way of firing ceramics which is very common in Latvia but not in other countries. Furthermore, they visited a ceramic workshop which decorates with crystal glazes. The porter has introduced us the process, equipment and raw materials he uses.


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