Devoré technique and solar prints in Latvia

The workshop in Riga took place September 26 – October 1. 2022 with the participation of all partner teams.

This project took place in Riga, Latvia, where we visited a local art school and participated in a workshop that the school prepared for us. On the first day, we were able to see the school, the classes, see the teaching and talk with the students. We saw their work and it allowed us to gain new inspiration and learn how students work in other schools.

The workshop covered two techniques, the Devoré  and the solar print techniques.

In the Devoré technique, we used a special glue with which we drew our own motif, which remained on the fabric after using the iron, then the rest of the velvet had to be removed, thus creating our own fabric with our own pattern.

We could also choose our own pattern for the solar print and using special colors and the sun we created small canvas bags according to our ideas. I liked that we could choose our own patterns for both techniques.

The school also prepared an extracurricular program for us. We had the opportunity to visit the local art museums, the national library and also the famous motorcycle museum. We also walked through the heart of Riga and got to know the city in which we were staying.

As part of the program, students from Portugal and Latvia went on a trip to a nearby town called Sigulda, where we admired the beauty of the local nature.

This project was beneficial for me in getting to know a new country and school abroad. It gave me new inspiration. It was a beneficial experience for me in my field. I learned new techniques that I had never heard of before. I also met students of the same field in another country.

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