Czech Republic

Střední uměleckoprůmyslová škola Karlovy Vary, příspěvková organizace



The secondary Art and Technical school was founded in 1872. The school is situated near the German borders in the town called Karlovy Vary which is the centre of  Karlovy Vary region (the smallest of fourteen government units in the Czech Republic). The region is famous for world-known spa towns, ceramic, glass, textile productions as well as  mountains and nature. Students are educated in artistic and natural science fields. None of these fields are taught in Karlovy Vary region. The only school in the Czech republic  where programs focusing on ceramic  designer and decorator can be studied is ours.

The school is divided in two sections:

  1. secondary technical and artistic education  (4 years , state-leaving examination):  ceramic designer and decorator, graphic designer, photography & media, fashion designer, lab technician and ecologist.
  2. secondary vocational education (3 years , apprenticeship certificate): glass and ceramic maker and decorator.

There are almost 300 students, most of them attended secondary artistic education,  and 44 teachers.  Applied Chemistry  and Ecology broadened the traditional field of ceramic technology in 1985 and 2010.  Due long-term rich experiences in teaching design of pottery and porcelain,  the school began to offer modern  artistic disciplines like graphic design, photography & media and  the latest fashion design.

Karlovy vary_EN – PPT, Karlovy Vary region – video

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