Traditional spa cups in Karlovy Vary

The first ceramic workshop of the DIversity of CEramics project took place at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Karlovy Vary from 1 to 7 December 2018. Three students and two teachers from partner schools in Portugal, Latvia and France attended in the workshop. The theme of the workshop was a traditional spa cup. The workshop started in Loket where is the largest collection of spa cups in the Czech Republic.

On Monday morning, the workshop was opened by Ms Ladýřová and  followed by the presentations of individual partner schools that students and teachers prepared. After that, all the participants moved to the drawing room, where they began to work on their graphic designs and sketches. The leader of the hosting school were Michal Beneda and Alena Růžičková, the modeller teachers, who already discussed the feasibility of the drawings. On Tuesday everyone began to model and in the afternoon they went to Letohrádek Ostrov to see the exhibition of porcelain SUPŠ Karlovy Vary and bought it in a specialized store of Koh-i-noor Harmudth. On Wednesday they continued modeling  and in the afternoon all the clay models were almost finished. On Thursday morning, they visited the museum and the glassworks in Moser, and after lunch they had completely finished their work.

The workshop finished on Thursday afternoon when students presented and described their clay models with several sentences. A total of 12 spa models were collected from students and others from teachers. Our school has to finalize them and make plaster models and plaster moulds for them. Later, the students will pour the shapes from porcelain clay and after first-firing the biscuits wll be ready for decoration.

On Friday, the students and teachers were kindly invited for the ceramic conference held in Karlovy Vary. They watched and discussed ceramic issues with partners from Slovakia, Cyprus, Turkey and Poland.


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