Porto 2021 EN

Workshop in Porto for Czechia

On days from 8 to 12. On November 11, 2021, four selected students of our school in the field of clothing design, accompanied by two teachers, took part in the Erasmus + workshop in Porto, Portugal.

The aim was the realization of textile art technique, which was prepared for us by the secondary art school Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis. This technique is based on the principle of linocut graphics technique, with the difference that the output material was textile.

The first day of the project work began with a welcome from the EASR school management and a subsequent tour of the school, where we had the opportunity to look into the various studios of all EASR disciplines. In the afternoon, the students, through photo documentation, collected ideas for the processing of the assigned topic (various details that they found directly in the streets of Porto, such as decorative solutions for buildings, etc.). These materials were also used to create templates, which were then printed on a textile base.

Over the next day, the collected stimuli formed shape compositions needed for further processing. At the same time, it was necessary to choose a color variant of the final work.

Wednesday was dedicated to the already mentioned linocut. The preparation of printing stamps (samples) was a relatively time-consuming phase. Therefore, some stamps were delivered the next morning.

The project also included a cultural program. The first, really powerful experience was a visit to the newly opened textile museum, which provided a lot of interesting information about the history of the textile industry in Portugal and a modern view of clothing through the eyes of contemporary Portuguese fashion designers as well as beginning fashion designers. And all this was enhanced by a visit to the Museum of Modern Art, where, in addition to important domestic authors, part of the work of the Catalan painter and sculptor, Joan Miró, was on display.

The end of the workshop was about the realization of the author’s print on the prepared textile base: bags (sewn by Portuguese school) and dresses ( by SUPŠKV). The creative and friendly environment brought not only a lot of successful products, but also a lot of fun and especially great motivation and inspiration for the work of all students and teachers.

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