Bitola 2015

The transnational meeting in Bitola

The coordinators and their assistants met  in the Macedonian school on 6 – 9 December 2015. All the partners were welcome by the school principal and made a guided tour of the school. They introduced their schools, towns and presented the pictures of students´ products. The teachers visited the museum and walked around the famous places in Bitola. The Macedonian school designed the project logo – Vesna Mundishevska Veljanovska

ADOL_logo_color   ADOL_logo_B&W

The overall team set up months for workshops and specified the kinds of products and the national team responsibilities. The coordinator will prepare the calendar with the deadlines according to the agreed plans and published the participants´ presentations.

With the school prinicipal The macedonian school Students Local media P1290554 With the certificates